At last! Our artists have accomplished their final AGR task. First was our whirlwind Splashy Fen live team paint where our 3 artists shared 3 canvases. Next, Michelle, Radmer & Tatum each took home one of the canvases to ‘finish’. Finally, the paintings are DONE and ready to be revealed!

Here were the 3 canvases at the end of our Splashy live team paint:

The canvases were taken home by (from left to right) Tatum, Michelle & Radmer.

And here they are now:

Tatum Robinson – MOONTIDE

Michelle McClunan – WE ARE ONE

Radmer Lenasch – VIVIFY


We are so proud of our artists! So inspired! So happy to have such beautiful art to offer the world! So now…

As promised, these paintings are now on sale through an online bidding process.

The sale of the paintings not only rewards the artists and helps AGR to keep it’s creativity cogs turning… but it also raises funds for SEA SHEPHERD – a marine wildlife conservation organisation that we LOVE!

So if you’d like to S*U*P*P*O*R*T in so many beautiful ways AND invest in an original collaboration masterpiece:

  • We are holding the auction on
  • Each painting is being auctioned separately  (click on a painting to go to its auction page)






  • The auction will run from Friday, 23 June @ 10:00am to Wednesday, 12 July.


So beautiful people…..LET THE BIDDING BEGIN!!

Because life’s too short not to buy art from the heart.


Peace & Love


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