Jeju Island, South Korea

In the little coastal fishing village of Woljeong, on the lip of a white sand beach, AGR was born. The venue for the first event was A Whale Will Come Cafe, owned by the famous social activist and very generous Kimi Kim. Her passion for art and her enthusiasm about the event fueled our commitment to making AGR a reality.

Once the venue was confirmed, our hunt for 2 other artist began. Thanks to helpful friends and serendipity, it didn’t take long to make the creative connections we were hoping for. Enter the witty Alex Nixon, an American painter, illustrator & digital artist, & the explosively colorful Anjong Hee (or Heeya), a local and well established water-colorist with a flair for the festive!




AGR 2014 had it’s team and it’s venue! The artists were given 3 months to prepare their 5 works for the group exhibition. In this time, we organised our official AGR logo and our first ever promotional material.

Poster jeju final cropped

The paintings went up and the AGR group exhibition opened on September 4th. It ran for 1 month (with works for sale through a bidding process at the venue & on our Facebook page).




The final exhibition day was our MAIN EVENT, our live team painting on October 4th! Paint flew around canvases, the energy flowed, and the audience grew as the day went on. There were planned and impromptu performances from local musicians and our special Canadian friend, Ruth Minnikin.  The cafe, under the watchful eye of Yong-hoon, supplied copious amounts of coffee. What a day!!

By sundown and the laying down of our paintbrushes, Soju (traditional Korean tipple) was ready to be served along side toppoki (spicy snack) and gimbak (Korean version of a sushi roll). It was a PARTY! The 4 artists had crossed a creative threshold together and we basked in our realisation that we had DONE it! AGR had germinated and was now reaching for the sky.




The extra good news for our AGR artists was the sale of more than 10 of our works! Bids had been made both online and at the venue. And ultimately, the paintings found homes in Jeju, the USA, South Africa & Australia!




Each artist was given 1 month to finish their team painted canvas (which ever canvas they were first to touch on the day). Here are 3 of the final paintings:

Tatum Robinson

Tatum Robinson

Alex Nixon

Alex Nixon


Radmer Lenasch


So that was very successfully that! AGR was born, friends were made, and creativity had been juiced up in some small way on planet Earth.

Much LOVE & RESPECT to all involved in our first ever AGR! We are forever grateful!!



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